The Joy of Perennial Living Walls

“While landscaping 1500 homes—including the outdoor living areas—I ran into a lot of blank walls that needed beauty. I thought of them as blank canvasses ready for a beautiful creation. The Living Wall Planters are designed for outdoor walls and are incredibly versatile—you can plant them alone or side by side in huge dramatic groups. They follow the same method as my side planting line, which has been used for years—they are tried and true!”  Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford with wall planter.

Pamela Crawford is shown holding an unplanted living wall planter. Planting is simple and easy using this side planting system of co-co fiber liners with pre-cut holes.

It is simple and easy to beautify the bare walls of your home using this side planting system designed by Pamela Crawford. Each 14”x14”x5” planter comes with a co-co fiber liner with unique side planting holes that let you use established plants from 3”- 4” pots. Using plants which are hardy in your climate lets you enjoy the living wall plantings year after year with minimal maintenance—instead of enjoying them for only one season. In warmer climates you can choose from tropicals, foliage plants, orchids and succulents. These all perform well in living walls.

Tropical Plants and Porch Chairs

Four living wall planters are grouped together in a square. Plants include pothos, dracaena ‘Tricolor’,ferns,syngonium, spider plant and ivy. These plants are not frost hardy.

Where we live in Bucks County, PA (hardiness Zone 6) we used  different colored heucheras, hardy ferns, creeping jenny (lysimachia), and lady’s mantle. Other suitable plants include hardy succulents, ajuga, creeping thyme, and pachysandra. Hang alone or in multiples to fit your space.

Perennial Living Wall

Transform a bare wall into a sustainable green oasis. This perennial living wall can be enjoyed for more than one season.