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Plant in Layers, From Bottom to Top

 Step 1: The Living Wall Planters - Plant in Layers  Planting the Living Wall Planters in Layers:  Step 2  Step 3: Planting the Living Wall Planters in Layers

Step 1:

Stand the living wall planter up on a table. Wet the root balls of the plants, and squeeze them. Slide the root balls through the bottom row of holes. Add potting mix slightly beneath the next layer of holes and firm it down.

Step 2:

Repeat the same process until you have finished planting the holes. Plant one layer at a time, like lasagna!

Step 3:

Tuck in the edge plants along the top. The finished product looks like it has been planted for months!

The vertical garden, Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Planters, can be purchased at Kinsman Garden.