Living Walls in Small Spaces

With gardening space at a premium in most modern homes, Living Wall planting systems help any homeowner emphasize a small outdoor space. Utilizing these systems means you can greatly increase the growing space on your porch, deck, balcony or any exterior wall space. For those of you out there who are tight on space, consider a Living Wall planting system to help create a beautiful collection of plants and flowers. Follow these suggestions to get the most out of your small spaces with Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Planters:

Orchid Planter Using the Living Wall Planting System

Hang planters in groups.

The visual impact of Living Walls can be increased when you hang the planting systems in groups rather than in singles. You can hang the planters with the sides touching so they look like a single unit, creating a unified look for your small space. You can hang two side by side, or hang four planters together.

Use a variety of colors and textures.

When planting different flowers and plants in a small space, it’s important to remember to use a variety of colors and textures. Try planting a mix of lush green ferns with some deep red dragon wing begonias to provide different looks for your Living Wall Planters. Be careful not to go overboard with the mixing of different colors and textures because it can become overwhelming to look at it in a smaller space.

Plant in layers.

To provide even more variety in such a small space, try planting in layers in your planter. Stand the planter up on a table, wet the root balls of the plants and slide them through the bottom row of holes. Add potting mix slightly beneath the next layer of holes and firm it down. Repeat this process with different plants until all of the holes of your Living Wall Planter are filled. Layers create an instant full look to your small space.

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