Caring for Your Living Walls

Summer is here, and now it’s time to make sure your Living Wall Planters are properly taken care of during the hot and humid months of the season. Even after the initial installation of the planters, you must provide a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep them beautiful throughout the entire year. It’s important to provide necessary nutrition, irrigation and care for your living wall system so they can flourish throughout the summer months.


Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Planters are designed so that nutritious potting mix is provided right to the plants. Depending on the type of plants you have in your Living Wall, you may need to give them additional fertilizer throughout the season to keep them thriving.

Just like plants that normally grow on the ground, plants that are growing in vertical planters may also need necessary harvesting and pruning. Make sure to remove dying or dried out leaves from your system. Not only does it look better aesthetically, but it also allows the plant to continue growing. If you are growing any herbs or vegetables in your Living Wall Planter, it’s especially important that you harvest the plants on a regular basis to avoid any rotting. Even though there is a lesser chance any weeds will grow in your Living Wall Planters compared to plants on the ground, it is still important to check and remove any unwanted growth on a regular basis. The most important thing is to monitor your plants’ health and make sure every plant is thriving.

Irrigation How To Water the Living Wall Planters

Living Wall Planters from Kinsman Garden utilize a drip irrigation system. This means that you must water the planter from the top which will allow the water time to absorb all the way to the bottom. Hand watering is the easy, but it’s important to do it slowly. Water the planter with a gentle spray and move the water along the top of the planter to give it enough time to absorb. Stop watering once you notice a steady stream of water flowing from the bottom of the planter. If you have a group of Living Wall Planters you should also water the front of the bottom planter until you see that the potting mix is wet enough. When you see any of your plants drooping or wilting, check the soil’s wetness with your finger. Some plants require less or more water than others.

When you are watering, weeding and adding fertilizer to your plants, make sure to also check the Living Wall system itself. If there is any damage to the planter it may affect irrigation and the health of your plants. Purchase additional Living Wall Planters and replacement coco liners from Kinsman Garden.