Benefits of Living Walls

Planting in Living Walls can provide many benefits to you, your home and the plants used. A Living Wall planting system from Kinsman Garden provides beauty, functionality and an ease of maintenance for everyone from beginning gardeners to gardening enthusiasts.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Living Wall Single Planter

The beauty of a Living Wall planter is most likely the first, most important benefit you think of. These planters are made to either hang alone, or in groups, giving you more possibilities with the way you show them off. You have complete flexibility with what you wish to plant in the system, creating endless possibilities of what different looks you can create. The planters have holes in both the front and sides of the planters to allow plants to push through and create an “instant full look.”

Space Efficient 

If your home has a limited space for gardening, Living Walls give you the chance to hang your garden to be seen by everyone! In urban environments or on smaller properties you may find it difficult to have a lush, beautiful garden. By installing Living Wall planting systems you could gain that same look in a different, more unique way. Not to mention, these planting systems are highly inexpensive, making it very easy to add many to your property for a small cost. If you are looking to purchase additional planting systems, go to Kinsman Garden’s website.

Easy to Maintain

Taking care of Living Wall planters is very simple and easy. Beginning gardeners find that these planters don’t take too much to maintain. All you need is a planter and the included hangers, potting mix and whatever plants you choose to use. Pamela Crawford recommends using a variety of succulents, foliage and annuals. Some of these plants include: ferns, ivy, dracaena, echeveria, dragon wing begonias, purple heart and lantanas. Each season you can easily replace the coco-liners by purchasing additional ones from Kinsman Garden’s website. Also, Living Walls are ideal for drip irrigation watering. All you need to do is hand water the planting systems when you see any signs of wilt or the soil feels dry to the touch. For more watering tips, read our last blog post.

Looking to add some Living Wall planting systems to your property or need to purchase additional planters? Go to Kinsman Garden’s website and take a look through Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall products.