Winterizing Your Living Wall Planters

Colder weather is just around the corner and your plants are going to be the first ones to suffer! Although the plants in your Living Wall Planters still look beautiful and full, the winter weather may take away some of their seasonal beauty.

Anything planted in a Living Wall Planter can be affected by the colder winter temperature. Some plants will lose their bright colors, others will lose their leaves and some will only redevelop in the springtime. You should be aware of how to prepare your plants for the winter season or what to do now as the season is quickly approaching us.

Pamela Crawford's Living Wall Replacement Liners

The great thing about your Living Wall planting system is it won’t crack because of cold temperatures like a terra cotta container would, which means you can you leave your planter outside during the winter. Although, the plants in your system still face several cold season challenges.

As the temperature begins to drop, you can throw away your annuals and prepare your other plants for the colder season. First, give the plants a final watering and cut back all of your perennials. Before the first frost of the season, bring your perennial cuttings indoors. Make space in your garage or shed to keep these plants protected.

For the parts left outside, you can cover the Living Wall Planter in some sort of an insulating material to protect the plants from any damage. It’s always smart to avoid fertilizing your plants mid-summer to late fall to avoid freezing newly grown material.

Now that your Living Wall planting system and the plants inside of it are prepared for winter, you can begin to prepare for spring! Purchase replacement liners for your current Living Wall Planters or purchase additional Living Wall planting systems to add to your outside decor for the new season, from