How to Create the Best Living Wall

Living Wall Planters Can Create Visual Impact with 4 Planters

Pamela Crawford developed the Living Wall Planter for Kinsman Company for gardeners looking to maximize their bare outdoor wall space. One of the best concepts that these vertical planters offer are the option of planting either alone or in groups to increase the visual impact on your space. Along with this concept there are many other things you should be utilizing to make your Living Wall the best it can be!

Plant in Layers, From Bottom to Top

Living Wall Planters from Kinsman Company are designed with flexible side holes with the use of replaceable coco liners. These holes allow for mature plants to be pushed through without falling out. Stand the planter up and slide a root ball through the bottom row of holes, add potting mix and push it down. You should repeat this layering process until you finish planting in all of the holes. This creates an “instant full look”!

Hang in Groups to Increase Visual Impact

You can hang your Living Wall Planters alone or in groups to create a stronger visual impact. Hang the planters on your outdoor wall space with the sides touching to make them look like they are one, single unit. This look can be easily attained and is a great way to add beautiful decor to an outdoor porch. The design of the Living Wall Planters allows for many hanging options. You can hang these planters alone, two together, four together or in larger groups to achieve whatever level of visual impact you are looking for.

Use a Variety of Plants

When Pamela Crawford was testing these planters she used a variety of over 300 plants in more than 10 different planters! She found that foliage plants, or the plants usually found in the indoor plant section of a garden center, have interesting leaves because they grow in shade. She recommends using spider plants, ferns, ivy, dracaena and syngonium. Pamela had bad luck with ajuga, “purple waffle” and rex bigonia and recommends avoiding these in your Living Walls. Succulents are an ideal choice for Living Walls because they need little root space or water but ones that grow in really tiny clusters don’t work. Annuals are another good choice for your Living Wall and seem to really thrive in the planters. Choose from a variety of annuals including: coleus, purple heart, wax begonias, sweet potato vines, lantana and gomphrenas. Stick with plants that have a three-inch root ball.

Hang Planters Away from the WallLiving Wall Planters come with Hangers

Each Living Wall Planter comes with two j-hooks for easy hanging. The benefits of j-hooks are that they keep the top of the planters away from the wall. Depending on the material of your walls, you may want to add a spacer in between the planter and the wall at the bottom corners. You can simply add something like a small, plastic sprinkler cap and just tuck it in behind the planter. This helps to protect both the planter and your walls. Be careful not to use any type of spacer that would stain the wall behind it or absorb water.

There are so many options with Living Wall Planters; it’s your chance to really get creative with your outdoor space! Stock up on more planters and replacement liners for next season by visiting Kinsman Company.