Living Walls Photo Contest Winners

This was the first year we introduced Pamela Crawford’s Living Walls for Kinsman Garden and also hosted our first Living Walls contest. The contest was open to any Kinsman customers who had a Living Wall planting system. These 14 inch square planters can be grouped together or planted separately. With the versatility of these vertical gardens, customers were very excited to send their entries in to be judged by Kinsman Company. The judging panel looked at the creative use of side planting in each Living Wall Planter as well as the overall impact of each composition to award the winners.

First Prize Winners

There was two first prize winners that were both awarded a $500 gift certificate to Kinsman Garden. The first winner, Timothy Biggins from Damascus, MD, mounted Living Wall planters on three sections of his outdoor wall by his pool. He used a combination of babies breath, red coleus, begonias and fuchsia. He thought the simplicity of the plants worked perfectly with the plants by the pool.

The second first prize winner, Laura Belli from Acworth, GA, called her Living Wall creation, “My Therapy Wall Planter.” She used a combination of species ivy, hypoestes, nepthytis, holly, pilea aluminum plant, dracaena Purple Waffle, coleus and various ivies from her yard. This planter was hung between her garage doors.

Second Prize Winner

There was one second place winner who was awarded a $250 gift certificate to Kinsman Garden. Margaret Sveum from Fargo, ND, was very intrigued by the idea of the Living Wall planters when they were first introduced in our catalog. After ordering a planter she chose a variety of coleus plants for color and sun hardiness since her Living Wall was hung in front of her lake cabin in Minnesota. She is excited to try a new combination in her planter next year!


Third Prize Winners

There were three third prize winners that were each awarded a $100 gift certificate to Kinsman Garden. The first third prize winner, Virginia Ryan from Spring Lake, MI, used a combination of heuchera, potato vines, ivy, succulents, hens and chicks, moss and polka dot plants in two of the Living Wall planters. She wanted the planters to act as an abstract living picture on her porch.

The second third prize winner, Jeannine Droeger from Lebanon, IN, has been using vertical planters on her outdoor wall for many years but they never worked well and required a lot of maintenance. She was very excited to purchase Pamela Crawford’s Living Walls. She used impatiens, spider plants, potato vines, wandering jew and English ivy in her three planters.

The final third prize winner, Tracy Bolar from Marshalltown, IA, received her Living Wall planter as a gift. She named her planter, “Sensational Succulents,” which was filled with coleus, asparagus fern, plecranthus, juncus corkscrew rush, crassula, kalanchoe and echeveria.

Honorable Mentions

There were four honorable mentions that were each awarded a $50 gift certificate to Kinsman Garden. The first was Karen Dishon from Leawood, KS, who used her Living Wall planter right by her front door. She runs a home-based business and many of her clients have commented on how beautiful her planter is.

The second honorable mention, Danielle Morrison from Circleville, OH, grouped her three Living Wall planters together and filled them with begonias, impatiens, creeping jenny, sweet potato vines and coleus. She focused on the color red to help attract hummingbirds to her garden and they seemed to enjoy her Living Walls as much as her.

The third honorable mention, Erica Melanio from Wernersville, PA, used spider plants, wandering jew and ferns in her vertical garden.

The final honorable mention, Wade Weaver from Richland Hills, TX, arranged 17 Living Wall planters around a backyard water feature. The planters contained wave petunias, million bells, potato vines, lobelias, white and purple alyssum, verbenas, lantanas, mandevillas and more.

Each of the winning entries will also be featured in our fall 2013 and spring 2014 catalogs. Purchase your Living Wall planters and replacement coco liners for spring planting from Kinsman Garden’s website or by calling 1-800-733-4146.