The Benefits of Living Walls in an Urban Area

Studies in the field of “environmental psychology” (the study of the effect of the environment on humans) have clearly shown that a person’s environment has a significant effect on their sense of well-being, emotional stability and stress limits.

Several recent studies into environmental psychology have shown that the view from a window can greatly affect one’s sense of well-being. For example, the view that a sick person has from Living Wall Planter in Urban Spacesa hospital bed can affect a whole range of measurable stress reactions in the patient. Hospitalized patients who could see plant life from their beds took far fewer painkillers and were deemed healthy more quickly than patients who looked out on a concrete wall. A recent Swedish study concluded that office staff that looked out on areas abundant with greenery suffers less stress than those who look out on an area without plants, such as streets and car parks.

What is the possible reason for such consistent findings that the simple act of seeing vegetation improves health and reduces stress?

One explanation is that humans switch on an “automatic pilot” when exposed to plants, stimulating an innate sub-consciousness that recognizes natural elements as something familiar. Another theory is that humans have a deep-seeded desire to ensure that they can, if necessary, survive in the wild. Both suppositions have a profound effect on those who reside in the cities, where natural elements are limited.

Living Walls Planters made by Pamela Crawford for Kinsman Garden, offer the versatility necessary to turn the “concrete jungle” into the natural space that our subconscious desires! The square planters can group together seamlessly in any chosen quantity to produce a dramatic floral effect. The Living Wall planter provides a healthy growing environment for plants, even in the most inhospitable of growing environment as walls, fences and other vertical spaces abundant in urban areas.

Other benefits of a Living Wall in an urban space:

  •  Efficient use of space
    In metropolitan residences and offices, floor space is a limited commodity. Every square inch is maximized to increase functionality, production or storage. Walls are valuable real estate, offering an amble area for vegetation in small spaces where floor space is at a premium.
  • Acoustics
    Plants are well known for softening sound waves through absorption and refraction. The most frequently viewed example of applied plant acoustics is the freeway sound barrier, a large stonewall draped with plants. Living walls in urban spaces can be utilized to reduce echoes in large rooms and reduce annoying street and other noise common in the city.

Living walls are a smart and effective medium for urbanites to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables even in the smallest of spaces. With affordable Living Wall Planters, available at Kinsman Garden, you can expect luxuriant growth in regular potting mix from your succulents, foliage or annuals.