Benefits of Coco Liners in Living Wall Planters

As a gardener, using all-natural coco liners is extremely beneficial. Kinsman Garden uses replaceable coco liners in their Living Wall Planters, made from coconut coir, the substance between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. Not only are these liners environmentally friendly but have many other benefits for your planting systems.

The benefits to using coco liners are:

- They keep soil in place and aid in keeping it moist.

- Coco is naturally resistant to insects, bacteria, fungi, mold and other diseases.

- They provide excellent water drainage and good aeration.

- Coco liners are very absorbent, so if the soil becomes dry, they will quickly re-absorb water.

- They promote visibly better, faster plant growth by re-hydrating easily while also preventing root rot.

- Shaped coco liners are formed naturally, without glue and maintain their shape when wet.

- The natural color of coco liners compliments the beauty of any plant in a Living Wall planting system.


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