Versatility of Living Walls

Living Wall Planters - Kinsman GardenLiving Walls Planters made by Pamela Crawford for Kinsman Garden offer versatility like no other planting system around! The square planters can group together seamlessly in any chosen quantity to produce a dramatic effect. Each planter measures 14 inches in height, 14 inches in width and 5 inches in diameter. Since the Living Wall planter has holes in both the front and the sides you should always plant the holes along the outer sides and the front. Here are some examples of just how versatile your Living Wall planting system can be!

Planting Singles

When you use a Living Wall Planter by itself, make sure to plant all the holes in the front and the sides. Remember to tuck the plants in along the top edge. The picture on the right  is a planter Pamela Crawford used “Guzmania” bromeliads, white polka dot plant and ferns in. The end result is a very full-looking Living Wall planting system that is perfect for a small and limited outdoor space. In another single planter, Pamela used strap-leaf caladiums, ferns and pink torenia which created another lush looking system, perfect for a small space.

Planting Two Side-by-SideLiving Wall from Pamela Crawford

When you are hanging two Living Wall planters together side-by-side, make sure to plant all of the holes in both the front and the outer sides. Remember to tuck plants along the top edge, and don’t plant along the edges that will be against each other because the plants could get smashed! Pamela Crawford planted neoregelia bromeliads, peperomia and rhoeo in two planters that were grouped together. The final look was beautiful and a good size to be used in a small outdoor space.

Planting Two Vertically

Just like when you hang the Living Wall Planters together side-by-side, when you plant them together vertically make sure not to plant along the edges where the planters will be joined. Make sure to plant in all of the holes in the front of each planter and the outer sides. Try using Phalaenopsis orchids and ferns in your planters for a unique, colorful look. This way of using the Living Wall Planters is ideal for a small space that is tall rather than wide.

Planting Four Together

When hanging four Living Wall Planters together make sure to plant all the holes in the front and outer sides. Just like when you plant two together, make sure not to plant anything along the edges that will be joined to avoid ruining plants. Pamela Crawford planted “Kong”, lime and black coleus with New Guinea impatients in four planters and created a super colorful look. Any time you are looking to plant four or more planters together make sure you have enough room in your outdoor space for it. Living Wall Planter

Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Planters are super affordable and versatile- perfect for anyone from a beginner gardener to a gardening enthusiast! Purchase yours today from Kinsman Garden. 

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