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Orchid Planter Using the Living Wall Side Planting System

Photographed at Peach State Orchids
Woodstock, GA

Pamela Crawford’s Living Walls From Kinsman Company

“While landscaping 1500 homes – including the outdoor living areas – I ran into a lot of blank walls that needed beauty. I thought of them as blank canvasses ready for a beautiful creation But the availability of products for outdoor walls is minimal.

I developed my Living Wall Planters for Kinsman Company because of this need. They are designed for outdoor walls and are an incredibly versatile planting system. Each individual planter measures 14 inches wide by 14 inches tall by 5 inches deep. Plant them alone or in huge, dramatic groups. Multiples are hung side by side, so a group of four (shown above) looks like one planter.

This size versatility is something I really needed for outdoor living areas. Some houses have just a single column to cover, others the far end of a porch, and others vast expanses of hard stucco. Resorts and commercial buildings are also candidates for larger installations.

The Living Wall Planters follow the same methods as my side-planting line, which has been used for years – they are tried and true!



Share your creations with me at colorgdn@aol.comI would love to see them! “  ~ Pamela

To order your Living Wall Planters, visit or call   1-800-733-4146 .
Feel free to contact Pamela at with any product or plant questions.