Hanging the Living Wall Planters

Hangers Included With Each Living Wall

Living Wall Planters come with Hangers

J-hooks are ideal hangers because they are easy to hang and keep the Living Walls hung securely. Two are included with each planter.


Keeping the Planter Away from the Wall

Living Wall Planters should be kept awat from the wallJ-hooks keep the top of the planter away from the wall, but not the bottom. Since my walls are concrete and withstand moisture well, I have simply hung them on the J-hooks and not worried about the small area of contact.

However, if you are concerned about moisture from the planter, tuck a small spacer in between the planter and the wall – at each bottom corner. Be sure to use a material that won’t stain the wall, or absorb water. I used a small, plastic sprinkler cap and it worked just fine. I didn’t attach it with anything, just tucked it in.

Plastic bottle caps work really well as spacers.