Living Wall Guide

Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Guide

For Outdoor Use

Guide to Living Wall Planters - Vertical GardensPamela Crawford, garden designer and designer of the living wall planter for outdoors,  has just published her e-book Living Wall Guide“.

“In my work as a garden designer, I frequently come acrosss empty walls on the exterior of homes or in courtyards. Fences also are commonplace in the landscape.

Today’s trend towards outdoor living is teaching me to treat outdoor spaces similarly to indoor rooms. Since we are accustomed to hanging artwork in our living rooms, why not hang a living piece of art outdoors?

I decided to design a living wall planter for outdoors that was simple to use yet provided a healthy growing environment for plants. Since coming up with the basic prototype, I have had two growing seasons in which to try different designs and materials. This booklet documents the results of planting 962 plants in these planters.

I have been fascinated with the possibilities of living wall planters, and would love to see your masterpieces. Share them with me at





This e-book contains:

  • Plant Trials and Planter Features
  • Preparation and Plant Choices
  • Planting
  • Watering and Keeping the Plants from Falling Out
  • Hanging and Fertilizing
  • Hanging the Planters in Groups Increases Visual Impact
  • Popular Hanging Patterns
  • Design Ideas
  • Easy Planting Recipes

Download your copy of Pamela Crawford’s Living Wall Guide and go to Kinsman Garden to purchase your Living Wall Planters.