How To Water

Watering Your Living Wall Planters

How To Water

How To Water the Living Wall Planters
Living walls are ideal for drip irrigation and we are currently testing different systems.

Hand watering is easy, but takes some time because you need to water slowly, from the top, to give the water time to absorb all the way to the bottom of the planter.

Water with a gentle spray, as shown left. Keep the water moving along the top of the planter to allow it time to absorb. Keep watering until you see a steady stream flowing from the bottom.

If your planters are hung one about another, water as described above plus water the front of the bottom planter until you can see that the potting mix is saturated.


How Often To Water

How Often to Water Living Wall PlantersWater when you see signs of wilt or the soil feels dry to the touch. Use your finger to test the soil. Push it into the soil about an inch or so. Low-water plants like cacti and succulents, need less water and can go longer with dry soil.

Knowing when to water is very important because many container plants die from over watering. If the plant looks wilted and the soil has been wet for several days, the plant has drowned and will probably die. It has a fungus. You might try a fungicide if the plant is very important to you.

It’s really important not to over water living walls.

Which Plants Require the Least Water

Planting Succulents in the Living Wall Planters Require Less WaterSucculents (far left) require the least water of any plants we tested for living walls. They also have small root systems, which make them perfect for living wall planters.

Shade plants (near left) use about half to one-third as much water as sun plants.

Sun annuals will need the most water and are easiest to maintain with drip irrigation.